Appliance Life Expectancy

How Long Is That Going To Last?

“How long will that last?” seems to be a universal question in the home inspection industry, perhaps second only to “How much does that cost?” Everything has a life expectancy, and while most of those life expectancies are somewhat predictable, they can vary greatly depending on quality of materials and manufacturing, installation practices, care and maintenance, environmental factors, and usage. The appliance life expectances in the table below are averages that have been taken from surveys of manufacturers, trade associations, and researchers, as well as manufacturers’ websites and other consumer resources, and are intended only as estimates. Nevertheless, it’s useful information, especially if you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Knowing that the microwave is probably going to fail after about ten years helps you plan for the inevitable expense. If you are buying used appliances, it’s a good indicator of how long you can expect a five-year-old top-loading washing machine to last. Appliance life expectancy can also be affected by the lack of maintenance, proper maintenance can extend the life of the appliance.

To find the date of manufacturer for many appliances, simply look at the manufacturer plate or tag on the appliance. Some will state specifically when the appliance was manufactured while others will have the date coded in the serial number. You can also find information on the Internet or call the manufacturer directly.

Appliance Life Expectancy Chart

Appliance Or Part  Years
Bathroom fixtures 50
Bathtub, cast iron 50
Bathtub,fiberglass 10-15
Boilers 30
Cabinets, laminate and particle board 15-20
Cabinets, wood and plywood 20-50
Cooktop 13
Countertop, granite 20
Countertop, laminate 10-15
Countertop, tile 10-50
Countertop, wood 20
Deck, wood 15
Dishwasher 10
Disposal 10
Door, exterior with overhang 80-100
Dryer 13
Drywall 30-70
Flooring, carpet or vinyl 10-30
Flooring, wood 100
Foundation, concrete block 100
Foundation, poured concrete 200
Garage door opener 10
Gutters 30
Heating and cooling, baseboard heater 20
Heating and cooling, cooling compressor 15-20
Heating and cooling, gas or oil furnace 18
Heating and cooling, heat pump 15
Microwave 10
Paint 7-10
Plumbing 20-50
Pumps 7-10
Range 17-19
Refrigerator 14-19
Roof, composition or wood 15-30
Roof, slate or tile 50-100
Siding, aluminum or vinyl 20-50
Siding, brick or stone 100
Siding, wood 10-100
Smoke detector 10
Swimming pool 18
Trash compactor 10
Walkway 20
Washing machine 11-14
Water heater, boiler 20-30
Water heater, gas or electric 11-13
Water heater, tankless 20
Water softener/purifier 20
Waterproofing sealants 1-5