Coeur d'Alene & Idaho Home Inspection Fees

Home inspection fees and rates will vary depending on location, size of the house, ancillary services, and other factors. Home inspection fees should be considered an investment; a home inspection can reveal costly issues with a property that can be corrected prior to the purchase of the house. The home inspection rate is a small fraction of the selling price of the house, but it gives you the most value for the dollar than any other service provided to you during the home selling and buying process. The maintanence tips that you will receive during the home inspection can produce a return greater than the home inspection fee. No other home buying or selling service can make that claim. There is also a caveat with home inspection fees. Be wary of home inspection rates that are very cheap or very expensive, as you interview home inspectors, the rates should all be in the same ballpark, if not, remember that you get what you pay for.

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Your most economical choice is our "$195 Walk-Thru" Verbal Review for Kootenai County homes, up to 2000 square feet, that are 1990 or newer construction.. This is NOT for everybody, as it is only an on-site verbal discussion. You (or your lender) may require a written report. Call 208.660.8877.


Next in line is our "$225 Pics & Tips" On-Site Verbal Review with emailed photo documentation of concerns, but NO written report. Again, this is for Kootenai County homes up to 2000 square feet, that are 1990 or newer construction. This is NOT for everybody, as you (or your lender) may require a written report. Call 208.660.8877


Our "Written Complete" Inspection includes a free Mold Inspection of the home (testing extra), provides the most comprehensive (40-60 page) Narrative Report in the Inland Northwest, includes Home Maintenance links in the report, and is filled with suggestions and tips to keep your home safe and well-maintained. Call 208.660.8877 .